Watching Adam Savage Spruce Up a Captain America Shield Is Strangely Relaxing

That's a good shield, Cap.  (Image: Marvel Studios)
That's a good shield, Cap. (Image: Marvel Studios)

Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame is a big nerd and an amazing craftsman. Watching him update a cosplay prop like a Captain America shield is watching a master at work.

And when he gets to it on his Adam Savage’s Tested channel, it’s shockingly soothing. There’s something about watching experts work at their craft that’s comforting — the way they move deftly, work quick, make complicated tasks look like child’s play. And Savage is an absolute expert in what he does. And what he does here? Well, it’s very nice, actually. It’s making the back rim on Captain America’s shield.

The results are lovely, and the process is just pleasant. I love putting stuff like this on in the background, just looking over every now and then, seeing Adam at work. And knowing that at the end of it, that shield is going to look tight.