Everything Australians Need to Know About Twitch Watch Parties

Everything Australians Need to Know About Twitch Watch Parties

Last year Twitch began trialling a Watch Parties feature that allows streamers to share Amazon Prime Video content with their viewers. Now it has rolled out to Australia — this is what you need to know.

For the most part it’s all super simple, but there are a few things worth noting.

What are Twitch Watch Parties?

Twitch Watch Parties allows its content creators to live stream Amazon Prime Video TV Shows and movies to their viewers. It basically acts like a public screening.

Do I need an Amazon Prime Video Account?

Yes, it will only work for streamers and viewers that have an Amazon Prime Video account. If you don’t have an account you won’t be able to access the private streams.

How to start Twitch Watch Parties

If you’re an Australian streamer who wants to get involved, this is how you do it:

  • Add the Watch Party Quick Action to your Stream Manager
  • Connect it to your Prime or Prime Video account
  • Choose the Amazon Prime Video movie or TV show you want to watch with your community
  • Go live
  • Start your party with your community

Watch Parties Geoblocking

The biggest caveat to Watch Parties is geoblocking. User can only view content available in their country. This makes sense from a licensing perspective, but it also complicates things.

Considering Twitch is a global platform and people enjoying watching streamers from all over the world, there may be some FOMO involved. Fortunately, you won’t have that issue if you’re watching an Aussie streamer.

No mobile devices

Another limitation to Watch Parties is the lack of mobile compatibility. While you won’t be able to get involved on your mobile for now, Twitch said it will be rolling out this functionality over the next few months.

Twitch has confirmed with Gizmodo Australia that this limitation also extends to tablets. So you’ll only be able to use the function on laptops and desktops for now.