This VFX Reel Shows Some of The Mandalorian’s Best Moments Coming Together

This VFX Reel Shows Some of The Mandalorian’s Best Moments Coming Together
From PXO's VFX breakdown. (Screenshot: YouTube/Julie Muncy)

We all know The Mandalorian was a VFX heavy show, relying on some really remarkable effects to build its world. But it’s another thing to see those effects come together to build something that feels real.

This new VFX reel, from firm PXO, is a really neat look at the disparate, detailed layers of effects going into some of the show’s most striking moments and settings. In the video, PXO’s work setting down these layers, building this corner of the Star Wars universe from rough renders to final product, is the star. No pun intended, seriously.

A lot of VFX firms collaborated to make the magic of The Mandalorian happen, including PXO and Image Engine, alongside tech from Epic and, of course, Industrial Lights and Magic. And I’m always fascinated to see what the work looks like cut down like this, with the artifice stripped away and then built back up. It’s also great to see how they make that digestible in video form — I’m particularly partial to the way effects plop in from the sky here.

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The Mandalorian is returning for a second season, on October 30, 2020.