This User Changed Their App Icons to Tech CEOs as a Reminder of Who Really Runs the World

This User Changed Their App Icons to Tech CEOs as a Reminder of Who Really Runs the World
Image: Twitter/@mcharo

The ability to change up your iPhone app icons in iOS 14 has excited people in dark times. If you need a hit of reality, however, consider this Twitter user’s idea to change each icon to its corresponding CEO or founder.

With the release of iOS 14, users have started to ‘hack’ their iPhone homescreens. This has mostly meant changing app icons to something else and giving them whatever names feel right.

Twitter user mcharo has taken it a step further and decked out his home screen with the bosses of the most powerful and influential tech companies in the world.

In doing so, he replaced Amazon’s usual app icon with Jeff Bezos’ mug, using different portrait shots of him for the Alexa and Kindle apps.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, also features heavily as the user’s new app logo for Music, Calls, Mail and Safari.

Outside of the visual reminder of the power concentration between the world’s biggest tech companies, it raises questions about its lack of diversity among the top positions.

It’s possible mcharo thought little of all this when he set out to customise his homescreen but it sends a strong visual message — all but one are male and they’re mostly white.

I want to add these tech mugs to my iPhone

If the above sub-heading sums up your feelings to this piece, say no more. You too can add head shots to all your most-used apps.

As mcharo’s video demonstrates, you’ll need to do it through the Shortcuts app. You’ll have to download and crop headshots of each CEO and if you want, you can edit in mini logos in the corner.

Then simply head to the Shortcuts app, tap the ‘+’ and hit ‘add action’. Choose the app you want to open with the shortcut you’re creating and then can edit the name and icon.

Whack in your tech bro headshot of choice and your work here is done.