You Can Still Pre-Order the Cheaper Xbox Series X in Australia With Game Pass Ultimate

You Can Still Pre-Order the Cheaper Xbox Series X in Australia With Game Pass Ultimate
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The Xbox Series X and Series S went on pre-order earlier this week. While there are plenty of retailers to choose from, most have run out of the flagship Series X. Telstra is still selling them for cheap with Game Pass Ultimate if you’re happy to wait until early December.

With over 100 games available on the subscription service, Game Pass Ultimate was already a pretty good deal. But late on Monday night it became even more attractive.

Just hours before the next gen Xbox consoles went on pre-order Xbox announced it is buying out ZeniMax Media. This means it will own Bethesda and all of those subsidiaries.

This means that Bethesda and all of the studios beneath it will be owned by Xbox. This includes game series like The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Doom, Dishonored and Wolfenstein.

Suffice to say, having some many titles and studios as Xbox exclusives moving forward is huge, not to mention big news for Game Pass Ultimate.

To make things super interesting, two upcoming Bethesda Games are supposed to be launching exclusively on the PS5 — Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo. The former was even shown off at Sony’s recent PS5 launch event. It’s unclear whether this deal will be impacted.

Cheap Xbox Series X and Series S Pre-Order

So how is this all relevant to the pre-orders?

Telstra still has the new consoles on pre-order but has also bundled them with its exclusive All Access this pass. And it works out to be cheaper.

The Xbox Series S plans will be $33 a month ($792 over 24-months), with the Xbox Series X coming in at $46 a month ($1,104 over 24-months). Both of these come with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which usually costs $15.95 a month outright. Across two years this comes to $382.20.

So if you subtract the cost of Game Pass Ultimate from the cost of the consoles across 24-months, the Xbox Series S bought through Telstra comes to $409.20. As for the Xbox Series X, it comes to $721.20

This comes to roughly a $90 off the Xbox Series S RRP and about a $30 off the Series X RRP when compared to buying outright and subscribing to Game Pass Ultimate for two years.

This is pretty good if you were going to subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate anyway.


Telstra has told us that if you pre-order a Series S you will still get it when it drops in Australia on November 10. If you’re after a Series X you can still pre-order it, but delivery will be in early December. While it’s a big longer wait, that does mean it will arrive in time for Christmas.

You can get this deal by clicking here.

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