The Cheap Aldi 4K TV is Back This weekend

The Cheap Aldi 4K TV is Back This weekend

If you’re in the market for a cheap 4K TV, Aldi has you covered.

What you get with an Aldi 4K TV

The grocery store loves itself a 4K TV from time to time, and we’re happy to report that its back with a new deal. This time around it has a 58-inch Ultra HD Android TV.

We’ve reviewed Aldi 4K in the past and with a bit of calibration it it ain’t bad. Sure, it won’t be as fancy as a Samsung, Sony or LG 4K, but it it’ll do the job.

There’s also things you can do yourself to improve your TV quality and tailor it to your liking.

Aldi’s 4K TVs have come a long way since we first checked them out. A few years back you weren’t able to get native apps on them. This meant that if you wanted to watch Stan or Netflix you would need an external device, like a console.

But this runs Android TV, so you don’t need any extra hardware to run the most popular apps. It even works with Google Assistant if you can’t be bothered typing stuff in with the remote.

Here’s a snapshot from the Aldi website.


The Aldi 4K TV comes in at just $579, which is a damn good deal if you’re happy with a basic 4K TV and don’t really care about bells and whistles. If you want to hang it on your wall, Aldi also has a bracket available for about $60.


Calm down, you can’t get it just yet. The Aldi 4K TV will be available on Saturday September 19 (AKA this weekend) and stocks will vary between stores. If you’re mad keen on it we recommend getting in there early.

You can learn more about the tellie from the Aldi website. Good luck!