Star Trek: Discovery’s New Trailer Brings the Fight for the Federation to the Far Future

Star Trek: Discovery’s New Trailer Brings the Fight for the Federation to the Far Future
Michael has a new Starfleet to uphold. (Image: CBS)

The crew of the Discovery made a terrible sacrifice at the end of season two, leaving their lives as they knew them behind and flinging the ship 930 years into the future, where the Federation is in some dire straits of its own (again). Now it seems it’s up to Michael and her friends to remind them of what the Federation has fought hard to stand for.

Star Trek’s all-encompassing Star Trek Day livestream event just kicked off with the latest look at the third season of Discovery, our first since that major glimpse at New York Comic-Con last year.

After introducing us once more to the premise that this is the Federation of the 32nd Century — one battered and shattered by a strange cataclysm called “The Burn” — the new trailer gives us a taste of the rough times facing Discovery’s crew as they acclimatize to the strange new world they find themselves in, from strange tech to mysterious new factions, as well as some of the new characters they’ll meet in this distant future. Including David Ajala’s mysterious Book, who looks like he’ll become very close to the Discovery crew.

Star Trek: Discovery’s Third Season Brings Trek’s First Explicitly Trans and Nonbinary Characters

Star Trek: Discovery is heading into a new unknown next season, but the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery won’t be alone. CBS All Access has announced that two new characters are joining the cast for season three, and will be the franchise’s first explicitly nonbinary and transgender characters.

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Star Trek: Discovery’s third season begins on CBS All Access October 15 in the US. It will air on Netflix in Australia.