Over the Moon’s New Trailer Invites You to the Pop Concert to End All Pop Concerts

Over the Moon’s New Trailer Invites You to the Pop Concert to End All Pop Concerts
The goddess Chang'e performing for her people. (Image: Netflix)

In Netflix’s Over the Moon a young girl named Fei Fei has just as much deeply-held faith in her prodigious engineering abilities as she does in her belief of the stories about the legendary moon goddess Chang’e that her mother used to tell her when she was young. Which is good, because not only is the moon goddess real, she’s putting on a hell of a show.

Though Fei Fei’s mother is no longer with their family, the legends about Chang’e stick with her so powerfully that they give her the inspiration to construct her own fully-functional rocket ship with the intention of blasting herself off to the surface off the moon in hopes of meeting the goddess.

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Everything Fei Fei knows about Chang’e suggests that the deity’s a luxurious, otherworldly being of supreme elegance and ethereality. But in the latest trailer for the film — from co-directors Glen Keane and John Kahrs — when the young girl actually manages to make it to the moon along with her pet rabbit and annoying kid brother, they’re both shocked and amazed to learn that Chang’e is actually very, in-sync with Earth’s contemporary pop culture.

Reimagining a traditional goddess as a beloved pop star putting on epic performances on the surface of the moon while humanity’s none the wiser about what’s going on is, well, it’s damned cool. Beyond that, though, Over the Moon looks like it might end up an excellent example of how creative teams can (and should) capitalise on myths and legends outside of the well-trodden Western canon, if only because there are so many other stories like this just waiting to be told.

Over the Moon stars Cathy Ang, Phillipa Soo, Ken Jeong, John Cho, Sandra Oh, Margaret Cho, and Kimiko Glenn, and will hit Netflix on October 23.

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