Onyx Equinox’s New Trailer Introduces Its Heroes Challenging the Gods

Onyx Equinox’s New Trailer Introduces Its Heroes Challenging the Gods
The heroes of Onyx Equinox confronting something dangerous. (Image: Crunchyroll)

Visually fantastic as the first trailer for Crunchyroll’s upcoming series Onyx Equinox was, it didn’t exactly provide all that much information about what the show was going to be about — aside from a group of humans taking on the Aztec gods in a battle to save the world. The latest look at the series, though, introduces its cast of heroes and provides some key details about just what sort of adventure they’ll be embarking upon.

What’s interesting is that the apocalypse seems to be the beginning of Onyx Equinox’s story — as a pair of deities decide to sink a city into the underworld, as part of a bet to see if a human champion, chosen by one of the gods, can figure out a way to save their people. In order to bring his city back into the mortal realm, Izel (Olivia Brown) has to travel throughout the world with Yaotl (Alejandro Vargas-Lugo), a jaguar like spiritual creature on a quest to close five mystical gates.

Though Izel doesn’t initially believe that he has what it takes to fulfil his destiny, he’s given strength from sister Nelli (Sofia Alexander), and his travelling companions: warrior Zyanya (Carolina Ravassa), priestess Xanastaku (Kimberly Woods), and twins Yun & K’in (Patrick Pedrazza, Juan Arturo Maldonado).

Interestingly, the trailer doesn’t say much of anything about K’i’ik (also voiced by Alexander), Izel’s sentient weapon, that becomes more powerful when it consumes his blood. But the trailer does make it clear that in order to truly fight the gods, Izel will most definitely have to rely on K’i’ik’s magic when Onyx Equinox premieres on November 21.