Meet the Next Legendary Star Trek Pet: Grudge the Cat

Meet the Next Legendary Star Trek Pet: Grudge the Cat
That's Grudge, the latest cat on Star Trek. He's buddies with Book (another new Discovery character, played by David Ajala). (Photo: CBS)

We have breaking news. The upcoming season of Star Trek: Discovery is going to be the best one ever. We know this, for a fact, because it’ll be the first with Grudge the cat.

Grudge, played by a floofy feline named Leeu (which means “lion” in Afrikaans), was introduced Tuesday as part of the big Star Trek Day event. He’s the best friend of the mysterious new character Book, played by David Ajala.

How Book and Grudge will fit in with Discovery’s latest adventures, we don’t know. What we do know is the Star Trek team released a behind the scenes video of Grudge, who is an absolute beast, filming his part on the upcoming season. And we’ve rarely seen such professionalism in a Trek actor before. Leonard Nimoy would be proud.

Check it out below.

And yes, you read that right: Grudge has his own official Twitter account. He’s already retweeting this video like crazy. Oh Grudge, you sassy stud you.

We’ll learn more about Grudge soon when Star Trek: Discovery’s third season begins on CBS All Access October 15.

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