Lupin the Third’s Gloriously Gorgeous CG Movie Now Has an English Dub Trailer

Lupin the Third’s Gloriously Gorgeous CG Movie Now Has an English Dub Trailer
More like Lupants the Third. (Gif: GKids)

Beloved gentleman thief Lupin III has been dazzling us for decades at this point, but his latest animated escapades have been teasing us from afar in the form of the utterly sumptuous-looking 3DCG animated movie that came out in Japan last year. But now, we’ve got a tiny new look at it, as gorgeous as ever, with a snippet of the English language cast.

GKids has dropped the first Western trailer for Lupin III: The First, teasing its imminent arrival (hopefully not just in theatres, given, well, the world’s very different to how it was when this came out in Japan). It’s not just another brief, yet incredible-looking glimpse of the film’s visuals, but our first chance to hear the English-language dub of the film in action.

Following Lupin III (Tony Oliver) and his motley crew — Fujiko (Michelle Ruff), Jigen (Richard Epcar), and Goemon (Lex Lang) — The First sees our heroes on the hunt for the Bresson Diary, a legendary artefact that Lupin’s ancestor, the legendary Arsène Lupin, has connections to. As well as stealing it for the glory, Lupin and friends have to make sure the Diary’s secrets don’t fall into the hands of a mysterious, insidious cabal, who has hopes to use its powers to resurrect the Third Reich.

A very pretty animated movie about stopping the rise of the Nazis (uh, again)? We’ll take that in our hellscape 2020, please and thank you very much. No release date has yet to be set for the film’s release in the West, other than the fact that it’s “coming soon” — it’s expected to drop sometime this year. Here’s the subtitled version if you’d like to check that out as well: