In the Trippy Trailer for Anthony Mackie’s Synchronic, Time Is an Illusion

In the Trippy Trailer for Anthony Mackie’s Synchronic, Time Is an Illusion
Anthony Mackie in Synchronic. (Photo: Well Go USA)

You had us at “time-bending sci-fi film starring the next Captain America.” But it seems there’s much more going on than just that in the new film Synchronic.

Directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead (The Endless), Synchronic stars Mackie and Jamie Dornan (of 50 Shades fame) as two best friends and New Orleans paramedics. However, when a new drug results in a series of disturbing deaths, the friends begin to unravel not just an elaborate mystery, but time itself.

At least, that’s what we get from the first trailer, which feels like about 15 movies wrapped up into one — in a good way. Check it out below.

Was that a caveman? Was that a viking? What the hell does this drug do, anyway? Surely, we could read some of the film’s pretty decent early reviews to find out, but we’d rather not. Synchronic feels like an excellent movie to sit back, from the comfort of your own home, and just watch and dissect over and over again.

Plus, look at this rad poster for the film. It does not look like something you’d expect.

Synchronic poster. (Image: Well Go USA) Synchronic poster. (Image: Well Go USA)

Synchronic opens in select theatres (it was a whole thing) and on VOD October 23.

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