Hunt the Blair Witch in This New Horror Subscription Game

Hunt the Blair Witch in This New Horror Subscription Game
A peek at one of the boxes for Hunt A Killer Horror: Blair Witch. (Image: Hunt A Killer)

The Blair Witch Project might feel like a relic of days gone by, but the Blair Witch herself is still out there…somewhere. Hunt A Killer is releasing a tabletop subscription game for Blair Witch, sending players into the (virtual) woods to solve a horrific mystery.

In a press release, subscription gaming company Hunt A Killer announced it had partnered with Lionsgate on a new game inspired by the Blair Witch legend. First appearing in 1999’s The Blair Witch Project, the legend of the Blair Witch has taken on a life of its own over the decades. In Hunt A Killer Horror: Blair Witch, players take on the role of detectives trying to help a woman find her missing son, who disappeared near the Black Hills Forest. Players head into the woods to try and find out what happened to Rosemary Kent’s son — along with facing the horrors of the Blair Witch and those who serve her.

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Much like Hunt A Killer’s previous games, the mystery unfolds through a series of documents, audio recordings, puzzles, and other clues. It’ll take place over six boxed episodes, released monthly. And for those wanting a bit of help, players will also be able to join a private Facebook group where they can ask other players for advice.

Folks can sign up for early access to Hunt A Killer Horror: Blair Witch, which is set to come out with its first monthly box on October 1.

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