Ford Teases Front End Of The Upcoming 2023 Electric F-150

Ford Teases Front End Of The Upcoming 2023 Electric F-150

When Ford was excitedly telling everyone about their plans for the electric F-150 and the Rouge Electric Vehicle Centre they’re building on Thursday, they showed a teaser image of the new EV F-150’s face, giving us a pretty good general idea of what it’ll look like. And it seems the key element here is a glowing white unibrow.

The front end is dominated by that cross-section-of-a-Danish-modern-coffeetable full-width DRL, and that does do a lot to give it a dramatically modern, I’m Electric look. These sorts of light bars seem to be becoming an EV signifier across the board, with VW’s I.D.-series of EVs sporting similar light bar designs.

I think this will also be Ford’s first return to full-width front-end lighting since the ‘80s Mercury Sable:

Photo: Ford

The large, upright front end, the part normally dominated by a massive grille on combustion-powered F-150s, doesn’t need to be a huge air intake on the EV version, since behind it is not an air-sucking engine, but rather a huge front trunk.

The tessellated, dimensional pattern used on the F-150 EV’s front end is similar to a lot of EV grille-replacements we’ve seen before, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find it will have a blueish cast, a colour that is often associated with electric cars.

I think the little rectangular things over the illuminated projector headlamps are the turn indicators, and I think I can make out a hint of the Ford oval at the centre.

Using the teaser, I threw together a quick mockup of what the EV F-150 may look like, from the front:

Illustration: Jason Torchinsky

I suspect there are actually quad headlamps there, with a high-beam directly below the low beam and indictor, and all three light elements are in a clear housing at each end of the not-grille, inset into the LED-daytime running lamp surround.

I gave the non-grille a bit of a blue tint and stuck the Blue Oval on there.

Overall, I think it looks pretty good? It feels modern and clean, and hopefully will avoid the urge to overdesign it into a monstrous caricature of rage and what dumbasses think looks “tough.”

The rectilinearity and simplicity almost remind me of this section of Ford’s old Courier grille:

Photo: Ford

I’m curious to see the thing when it comes out. And look in that frunk. Plus, it looks like it will have a headgate, which is exactly how it should be.