Ebay Has Cyberpunk 2077 For $65 Today

Ebay Has Cyberpunk 2077 For $65 Today
Image: CD Projekt Red
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It’s finally happening. After years and years and years of teases, trailers, Keanu Reeves and more, Cyberpunk 2077 is very nearly here.

I mean, it’s been in development since 2012, so there’s a lot of both hope and hype resting on Cyberpunk 2077’s artificially-enhanced shoulders.

November 19, 2020 is the key date here, because that’s when Cyberpunk 2077 officially launches for Xbox One, Windows PC and PlayStation 4, with an Xbox Series X and PS5 release due for later into 2021.

If you can’t wait, the PS4 and Xbox One versions are expected to run properly on Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen consoles, and of course that key date is just a tad over a week after either of them could be sitting in front of your living room telly.

In the meantime what you need to do is secure yourself a copy for what’s undeniably 2020’s most anticipated title bar none.

eBay’s announced that it’s running a special offer on 500 copies of the Day One Edition of Cyberpunk 2077 for eBay Plus members from 10am as a pre-order.

eBay Plus is eBay’s equivalent to Amazon Prime, with express delivery the key perk. However, it also sweetens the pot with special limited time, limited quantity deals from time to time, and this Cyberpunk 2077 eBay deal would appear to be part of the good times for eBay Plus members.

eBay’s deal page doesn’t make mention of eBay-exclusive DLC or perks as you might find with an EB Games or JB Hi-Fi order, but that’s because the price is the key hook here, with eBay Plus members able to snag a Day One copy for just $65.

If you’re keen to snag a copy, eBay’s promo for the deal — which won’t be live until 10am — can be found here.