You Can Get a 100GB Phone Plan For Just $1 Right Now

You Can Get a 100GB Phone Plan For Just $1 Right Now
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Attention fellow cheapskates! If you’re looking for an insanely cheap phone plan with heaps of data, we have one for you. This telco is currently flogging a contract-free 100GB/month plan for just $1. Yes, one whole dollar.

Extremely cheap phone plan

Baby telco Circles.Life has only been in Australia for about a year and it’s been known to put on some pretty hectic plan deals. But this is definitely its cheapest by far.

It currently has a promotion where you can get its 100GB plan for just $1 for the first two months. After that it goes back up to $38 per month. While this is still a very good price for that much data per month, you aren’t obliged to stick with it.

This is because all Circles.Life plans are contract-free. So if you want to leave once the $1 offer is over, you can. This is also a really great way to test the network before committing to a full price plan.

To get this deal you just need to use the promo code WHISTLEOUT1 before 11.59pm on September 7.

Actually, it’s technically 103GB

Thanks to the Circles.Life bill shock data incentive, you actually get 103GB of included data a month before you need to pay extra for more. This is really good value, especially when you’re already getting 100GB. I barely crack my 20GB plan every month and I’m a heavy phone user.

I’m still not sure about this cheap phone plan…

And if you’re still not entirely sure whether it’s worth taking a punt on Circles.Life, here’s how this plan compares to similar ones in market.

What Is Circles.Life?

Circles.Life is one of the newer telcos in Australia which only landed here in 2019. It’s powered by the Optus network and offers phone plans without contracts, often with big data allowances.

In the past it has offered huge data plans for just $18 a month, as well as some free Netflix plans. Now it’s flogging over 100GB a month for $1 which is a pretty damn good deal.