Amazon Prime Day 2020 Will Last 66 Hours For Australians This Year

Amazon Prime Day 2020 Will Last 66 Hours For Australians This Year
Supplied: Amazon Australia
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The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines ‘day’ as ‘the period of rotation of a planet or a moon on its axis’. On Earth, this is commonly understood to be 24 hours. But bucking the trend — by a rather large margin — is Amazon, who have decided to ignore this and come up with their own interpretation. Today, Amazon Australia has announced this year’s Prime Day Event will be its longest ever. Their annual promotion will clock at a remarkable 66 hours.

Amazon Prime Day 2020 will kick off with Australia-only deals for Prime Members at midnight AEDT on Tuesday 13 October and run until 11.59PM AEDT on Wednesday 14 October. The sale is slated to include big name brands like Bosch, Huggies and Samsung.

“But that’s only 48 hours”, you say. An astute observation! On top of those two days, Australian Prime members will also get access to U.S. deals through Amazon’s global store until 6PM AEDT on Thursday 15 October — bringing it to a grand total of 2.75 days of deals through Amazon.

This year, the company is also putting the spotlight on Australian local businesses in addition to its normal offering from big brands. Prime Day 2020 will include deals in the website’s Shop Local section, which features goods from businesses across Australia.

Matt Furlong, Amazon Australia’s country manager, said the company was looking forward to running its longest ever Prime Day promotion.

“We’re excited to offer Australian Prime members the chance to access fantastic savings across tens of thousands of products from international and Aussie brands across all categories for Prime Day this year,” he said in a press release provided to Gizmodo Australia. “In addition, to help customers discover more local brands on, we are proud to put small Australian businesses front and centre through our ‘Shop Local’ store on Prime Day and beyond.”

Where can I find the Amazon Prime Day deals?

Anyone with an Amazon Prime account can access the Prime Day deals. Prime membership costs $6.99 per month, but there’s a free 30-day trial for first time users. You can sign up here.

People can find Prime Day deals in the following ways:

  • Get deal alerts through the Amazon app.
  • Visit the website to look for deal badges.
  • Or by asking Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant.

You can find the latest information on Amazon Prime Day here.