Vodafone’s 50GB/Month Phone Plan is Cheap AF Right Now

Vodafone’s 50GB/Month Phone Plan is Cheap AF Right Now
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Vodafone just announced a bunch of new products across its mobile and NBN ranges. But the one that really grabs our attention is this phone plan. $35/month for 50GB data and no contract. Ding ding ding.

This isn’t exactly a new plan. Vodafone has simply knocked $10/month off its $45 SIM-only plan. But the discount lasts for 12 months so we’re not complaining.

This essentially means that customers will only have to pay $35/month for the first 12 months of the plan. After that point it will go back up to $45/month. But there’s no contract attached so you can just leave before that happens and find another cheap deal.

The plan also comes with 100 minutes of international calls to Zone 1′ countries.

This offer is available until September 14.

This deal is certainly much better than Vodafone’s regular entry level plan, which only gets you 10GB/month for $40 and doesn’t have any fancy bells and whistles. For example, there’s no free international calls. And it’s not like $5 a day international roaming is useful for any of us right now.

For comparison, here’s how the $35/month deal compares to the closest Telstra and Optus plans.

If you’re looking to get a new phone with this plan, you can. The same 12-month discount applies and you’ll also need to add the monthly phone repayments.

Here’s the plan paired with a few popular phones:

The new Vodafone bundle made our eyes bleed

Vodafone has also announced a new bundle offer that combines phone plans and internet plans. It’s rather confusing but essentially it allows ‘eligible customers’ to access cheaper “unlimited” data across their internet and mobile phone plans. However, requires new and existing customers to have two phone plans and either a NBN or Home Wireless broadband plan with the telco.

It’s important to note you will not get unlimited data at max speeds, so you won’t be able to go completely ham on downloads and streaming. After hitting your data limit for each plan you will still have internet access but it will be capped to 1.5Mbps. This is the same for any Vodafone mobile plan, whether it’s bundled or not.

So let’s say you have a phone plan as part of this bundle. If you use up all your monthly data before the month has ended your speed will be throttled. Broadband plans will also cop excess data charges but NBN plans won’t. Also these percentage discounts on bundled plans are still applicable.

Told you it’s confusing.

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