Updates from Jurassic World: Dominion, Castlevania, and More

Updates from Jurassic World: Dominion, Castlevania, and More
Those dinosaurs better practice suitable social distancing. (Image: Universal)

Shang-Chi is getting ready to return to filming. The New Mutants will still keep one important family connection. Tigress storms onto the scene in new Stargirl pictures. Plus, what’s to come on Wynonna Earp and NOS4A2. To me, my spoilers!

Illustration: Jim CookeIllustration: Jim Cooke

Jurassic World: Dominion

Sam Neill has resumed filming on Jurassic World: Dominion. Stay safe, Sam (and everyone else)!

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Sydney, Australia’s 7News also reports production has resumed on Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings as construction begins on a massive new village set.

The New Mutants

Bloody-Disgusting has a lengthy synopsis for The New Mutants confirming Magik is still “the younger sister of Colossus.”

In this terrifying, action-fuelled film based on the Marvel comic series, five young people who demonstrate special powers are brought to a secret institution to undergo treatments they are told will cure them of the dangers of their powers.

Included are Danielle Moonstar aka Mirage (Blu Hunt), who creates illusions from other people’s fears; Rahne Sinclair (Maisie Williams), who transforms into the werewolf Wolfsbane; Sam Guthrie (Charlie Heaton), who, as Cannonball, can fly at jet speeds protected by a force field; Roberto da Costa aka Sunspot (Henry Zaga), who absorbs and channels solar power; and Illyana Rasputin aka Magik (Anya Taylor-Joy). The younger sister of Colossus, Magik becomes encased in armour at will and wields a soulsword that amplifies her multiple superhuman and psychic abilities.

Invited by Dr. Cecilia Reyes (Alice Braga) to share their stories about when their powers first manifested, the five “patients” come to understand that they are in a class of people called mutants, who have historically been marginalised and feared. As they relive their origin stories, their memories seem to turn into terrifying realities. Soon, they question what is real and what isn’t, and it becomes clear that the institution isn’t what it seems. Now the question is — why are they being held captive? And who is trying to destroy them?


According to Variety, 1091 Pictures has secured the U.S. distribution rights to Sator, a film by Jordan Graham in which “a demon known as Sator observes an intimate family secluded in the woods. Graham’s own grandmother, June Peterson, now passed, recounts her real personal history with the mysterious entity on-screen, alongside newcomers Michael Daniel, Aurora Lowe, Gabriel Nicholson, and Rachel Johnson.”

Tales from the Hood 3

Syfy has an exclusive clip of Tony Todd in Tales from the Hood 3.


According to THR, Warren Ellis “has completed work on the upcoming season of Castlevania” butwill not be back for potential future seasons” of the popular Netflix series.

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Tigress comes after Barbara in pictures from this week’s episode of Stargirl, “Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. – Part 1.” Head over to Comic Book for more.

Photo: DC UniversePhoto: DC Universe
Photo: DC UniversePhoto: DC Universe
Photo: DC UniversePhoto: DC Universe
Photo: DC UniversePhoto: DC Universe


Vic sets off to confront Charlie Manx in a clip from next week’s episode.

Wynonna Earp

Finally, Wynonna questions reality in the trailer for next week’s episode, “Look at Them Beans.”

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