This Cast Photo Brings Together the Ragtag Heroes of BBC’s The Watch

This Cast Photo Brings Together the Ragtag Heroes of BBC’s The Watch
From The Watch. (Image: BBC America)
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This is not a adaptation you’ve seen before.

BBC’s newest attempt to adapt Terry Pratchett’s seminal fantasy series is The Watch, a modernised, slickly stylish take on Pratchett’s City Watch, a subsection of the Discworld universe influenced by noir, cynicism, and procedurals. In short: these misfits are trying to keep the city safe. And they’re going to have a hard time doing it and staying on the right side of morality in the process. In a new photo, the stars gather, giving us our best look yet at just what the show is going to look like.

This is not how I pictured them in the books, but I can’t say I hate it. Meet the whole crew: Lady Ramkin, Captain Vimes, Cheery, Angua, Detritus, Carrot. I’m interested in what the show’s version of Death is going to look like. Hopefully just a creepy cloak; you can’t really beat a creepy personified cloak.

Whether you’re a Discworld-loving sceptic or intrigued by what you see, The Watch is coming, starring Richard Dormer and Lara Rossi, in January 2021.