The First Trailer for The Flash’s Seventh Season Is a Roller Coaster

The First Trailer for The Flash’s Seventh Season Is a Roller Coaster
From The Flash. (Image: CW)

The Flash’s sixth season ended a little early. So the seventh is going to have a lot to untangle.

Today at DC’s Fandome streaming event, the CW unveiled the first trailer for the upcoming seventh season of The Flash, which features Barry and friends trying to untangle the complexity of alternate dimensions, impostors, and time-warping shenanigans. The last season ended an episode early due to covid-19, so we were left with a lot of twists without any real resolution last time: Iris trapped and maybe gone forever in the mirror dimension, Mirror Iris sacrificing herself… It was a lot, and now, finally, we’re going to see what comes next.

Turns out, it’s still going to be a lot! The trailer features empaths, mounting threats, and the one thing faster than the Flash. Also, a synthetic Speed Force? While it seems a lot of this footage is taken from the unaired finale, it’s still wild, and signals some fascinating directions for the next season.

The Flash will be one of the first TV shows to return after quarantine, and it’ll be interesting to see what the show looks like in this terrible new world. It’ll also be interesting to see how it handles the firing of Harley Sawyer, the Elongated Man, who was fired after some really nasty tweets came up on everyone’s radar.

The Flash’s Hartley Sawyer Has Been Fired After Vile Tweets Resurface

Hartley Sawyer, the actor who played the Elongated Man on CW’s The Flash, has been fired from the show after past racist and misogynist tweets of his resurfaced on social media.

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