The Boys’ Heroes and Villains Are All Out for Blood in Pair of New Clips

The Boys’ Heroes and Villains Are All Out for Blood in Pair of New Clips
Homelander surveying what the Boys have done as the rest of the Seven confront the Deep. (Image: Amazon Prime)

In their monstrous members. The Boys are well aware that the Seven want their revenge, but in a series of new clips, you see that the most pressing issue both teams must first address is a lack of unity among their own ranks.

Despite the fact that they were all chosen specifically for their outsized power sets, the Seven’s individual abilities proved not to be a match for the team’s internal problems. Like, say, the Deep’s penchant for sexually harassing female members of the team, while others turned a blind eye or pretended that it wasn’t an issue. Though Starlight’s willingness to call the Deep out for being the trash that he is was a good thing, it also made clear just how hard the team’s corporate sponsor ” Vought International ” would fight to keep things hush hush in order to maintain their heroic public image.

In a new clip that seems to pick up right after the Deep’s race to the beach against the Boys first teased at San Diego Comic-Con, the rest of the Seven show up to figure out why the hell there’s a dead whale with a speed boat rammed into its guts laying on the beach. While the Deep’s ready to play along as if things are perfectly normal, Starlight makes clear that’s not the case ” and while Homelander wants the two of them to settle their differences, newcomer Stormfront asserts her own authority over the situation to put everyone in their place. You can tell from the energy in the scene that it’s all foreshadowing for how the Seven are on the brink of falling even more apart, but whether they themselves know that is unclear.

Interesting, at the same time, the Boys are dealing with a power struggle of their own, as Hughie and Billy Butcher butt heads over Butcher’s style of leadership. While Hughie can’t understand why the rest of his teammates would ever continue to follow Butcher given how his actions have repeatedly almost gotten them killed, Butcher rightfully points out that they’re all still quite alive all things considered. Though both men make solid points, that sort of bickering won’t serve any of them well when the Seven eventually come knocking looking to crack skulls, and if they don’t pull themselves together, there’s a very real chance that they will all end up dead.

The Boys returns to Amazon Prime on September 4.