Tesla is Getting into the Smartwatch Game

Tesla is Getting into the Smartwatch Game
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Tesla is involved in the development of a new smartwatch, a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filing has revealed.

Tesla Motors, Inc is named in the filing by Xplora Technologies — a Norwegian company that primarily develops smartwatches for children. However, the filing doesn’t reveal the details of its latest project or the specifics around Tesla’s involvement.

“Necessary acts carried out by Shenzhen BALUN Technology Co., Ltd. in connection with the Application shall have the same effect as acts of the Tesla Motors, Inc,” a letter to the FCC reads.

Further communication between XPLORA CTO, Sanghyo Kim, and the FCC from April 2020 also mentions the company’s involvement.

“Those documents contain detailed system and equipment description and related information about the product which XPLORA Technologies AS considers to be confidential proprietary, a custom design and, otherwise, not releasable to the general public,” Kim said in the letter.

“Since this design is a basis form which future technological products will evolve, Tesla Motors, Inc. considers this information would be of benefit to its competitors, and that the disclosure of the information in these documents would give competitors an unfair advantage in the market.”

The FCC filing is for XPLORA’s upcoming X5P Kids SmartWatch, the letter reveals. Previous generations of the watch have included voice messages, emoji messages wi-fi and LTE connectivity and camera functionality.

Tesla Smartwatch

It’s currently unclear why Tesla is involved in the development of the XPLORA XP5. Perhaps Tesla acquired the company. Or maybe it’s planning smartwatch integration of its mobile app in the future. If you can control your car from your phone, why not your wrist, too?

The answer is also possibly more boring. According to My Healthy Apple, the publication that first spotted the filing, the U.S. Tesla online store has a dedicated accessory section for kids. So perhaps the XP5 will simply wind up there.

Gizmodo Australia has reached out to Tesla locally comment.