Seiko’s Street Fighter-Inspired Watches Celebrate All the Right Moves

Seiko’s Street Fighter-Inspired Watches Celebrate All the Right Moves

Hadouken! Seiko and Capcom have teamed up to bring us an entire line-up of watches inspired by the beefy players in the Street Fighter saga. The watches, now available for pre-order in the U.S., feature colour schemes and clever nods to the original video game characters. Not content to just show you these timepieces of power, let’s rank them in order of aesthetics, quality, and destructive capabilities.

6. Guile

Guile’s watch is a little boring, to be honest. The leather band and camo face don’t quite work together — if you’re a gung-ho military dude with an abnormally sized buzz cut you’re going to want something in canvas and drab. The countdown timer makes it look like this piece will help you with setting up the bomb but the fonts are all over the place and that star wreath thing looks like it comes from some strange amalgam of Russia and Rome. Not worth wasting a special move.

5. Chun Li

While I love that Chun Li gets her own watch, does it have to be so bland? The blue and gold face and blue alligator strap are nice and the entire package celebrates Chun Li’s uniform with nods to her bracelets and dress. But the Roman numerals on the bezel are hard to read and the colour melds together at a distance. I do like the pip at 12 o’clock, however, with its sharp, yet delicate, design.

4. Zangief

Everyone’s favourite hairy Russian [Editor’s Note: TBD] gets the watch treatment in this red and gold diver. Designed to mirror Zangief’s outfit, the entire thing is pretty damn bold if not a little much. The numbers are huge and the rotating bezel is virtually useless as it doesn’t have any clear markings. That said, this one isn’t afraid to put you into a Cyclone Lariat.

3. Blanka

I mean come on. Blanka is a wild monster from Brazil or whatever but this over-the-top watch makes you think you’re wearing something from the green lagoon. The watch has a ridiculous bezel and spiky pips around the inside on a green canvas strap. Of all of these, Blanka is probably the most recognisable and will definitely get you arcade cred at the local 7-11.

2. Ken

Of all these watches, Ken’s is the most understated and usable. Based on a red and black colour scheme with red canvas strap, the whole thing is readable and classy. It will allow you to blend in with normal folks as you go about your day waiting to prepare for an evening of Shoryuken attacks.

1. Ryu

The winner? Ryu.

This watch is both unique and legible. The bezel comes pre-scratched, symbolizing Ryu’s dedication to training, and the face features simplified Kanji characters meaning “as swift as the wind, as gentle as forest, as fierce as fire and as unshakable as the mountain.” Sweet. The white on white style and canvas band are excellent choices for the most elegant — and destructive — of Street Fighter characters.

These pieces, available for pre-order in the U.S., run an automatic Seiko 4R36 movement inside a Seiko 5 diver cast. Each feature commemorative crystal backs celebrating the characters’ special moves. The watches cost $US440 ($609) making them a costly bit of Street Fighter memorabilia. Want to see the watches in action? Click on to see Seiko’s promo video.

Round Seiko 5: Fight!

Editor’s Note: Stay tuned for Australian pricing and availability.