Roar! This Bronze T-Rex Clock Costs $37,800

Roar! This Bronze T-Rex Clock Costs $37,800
Photo: Massena LAB

When it comes to wacky clocks nobody can hold a candle to MB&F. The company, which makes $US100K watches alongside things like this wild mechanical T-rex thing, teamed up with movement maker L’Épée and design house Massena LAB to create a $US27,000 ($37,822) desk trinket that looks like something out of Half-Life 2.

This model is a riff on a previous MB&F creation but Massena is using bronze for the body and legs, a move that it says it’s inspired by “a technological revolution so immense that it ushered in a new age of early civilisation” – namely the Bronze Age.

Photo: Massena LAB Photo: Massena LAB

The company patinaed the legs to “lock-in” the oxidized colour of the metal while suggesting the scaly legs of the T-Rex.

The bottom line? This thing is crazy expensive, really goofy, and if you’re totally into horology and paleontology, it might be a perfect alternative to buying a new Toyota Corolla or similar mid-priced sedan. Hurry up, though, there are only 15 of these in existence and they’ll soon be extinct.