Rich People Can Now Buy Electrified Rolls-Royce Phantoms

I’m glad to see that there’s at least one company making the automotive world match the one that was foretold in the movie Gattaca, where lovely vintage cars are retrofitted into high-tech electric wonders. One such company is Lunaz, which has already been converting Jaguar XK120s to electron-power. Now they’re taking a deeper gulp out of the Chalice of Classy, and offering EV conversions of Rolls-Royce Phantom Vs.

Photo: Lunaz

Lunaz is basing their re-engineered Rollers on the 1961 Phantom V, which is certainly an iconic-looking Rolls design. Lunaz is only planning on building 30, and says the conversions will utilise its proprietary powertrain, which I’d assume is the same basic system they’ve been using in its Jaguar conversions, claiming 280 kW and 317 Nm of torque.

Those numbers seem adequate, as the original made do with about 220 HP from its very distinguished V8.

Photo: Lunaz

The electric Phantom will use what Lunaz says is the biggest battery currently available in an EV, a 120 kWh monster that Lunaz says will be good for a range of around 483 km. By comparison, a Tesla Model S’ biggest battery option tops out at 100 kWh.

Looking at that video you can see that the look is very understated and refined, with LCD screens discreetly added to the dash and hidden behind the rear tray tables for the back seat landed gentry.

Photo: Lunaz

Based on this side shot, I’d expect that the bulk of the batteries are stored up front in the former engine bay, and I’d expect the motors are mounted on or very near the rear axle, keeping the boot available for cargo. I wonder if this will make the car absurdly nose-heavy? It really doesn’t look like they’re using underfloor batteries here.

Photo: Lunaz

Oh, and in case you’re concerned that Lunaz hasn’t properly considered your carefully cultivated alcoholism, fear not:

A bar service occupies the centre of the unit and has been custom built to perfectly fit the owner’s favourite brand of tequila. Every Lunaz client will be invited to specify dimensions for their beverage of choice.

I wonder how many bottles of Yoo-Hoo and grain alcohol they can fit in there?

Photo: Lunaz

While I’m not exactly clear how to read this gauge regarding battery range, it’s nice to see that keeping the car’s original feel and character is important to Lunaz:

Retaining the character of these significant cars is the priority throughout the conversion and restoration process. This extends to every detail including the weighting of switchgear which has been exhaustively engineered to operate an entirely new powertrain with the same haptic feedback as the original. Instrumentation also stays true to the spirit of the 1960s design, with delicate integration of a battery range metre and power gauge.

Photo: Lunaz

The electomorgrified Phantoms will set you back £500,000 ($913,267) but if you’re a cheapskate, Lunaz will also do conversions of Rolls-Royce Silver Clouds for a bargain-basement $638,589 or so.

So, attention rich people! This is cooler than a Chiron, or whatever, and you can get drunk in it (well, the back seat) without repercussions!