Ranked: Automaker Ananyms Like ‘Ford Drof’

Ranked: Automaker Ananyms Like ‘Ford Drof’

Earlier today, I learned that Skoda will be making a version of the Volkswagen ID all-electric crossover called the “Enyaq.” This led me down a rabbit-hole of ideas for better names. Even the ananym of Skoda, which is just the word spelled backward, or Adoks, would be a better name than “Enyaq.”

So here are my arbitrary and personal rankings, with some consultation of the rest of the Jalopnik staff, of automaker ananyms, or car names spelled like their automaker’s name with the letters arranged backward:

Lincoln Nlocnil

Just nonsense, but fun to say out loud.

Chevrolet Telorvehc

You better tell her, Vic!

Maserati Itaresam

Pronounced, Atari-Sam?

Hyundai Iadnuyh

Audi Idua

Lada Adal

A Lada Adal, what a doll!

Fiat Taif

A dentist with a cockney accent?

Honda Adnoh

Add no trouble to your life with the Honda Adnoh.

Bentley Yeltneb

A Bentley is exactly the kind of car where you’d make sure everyone on the road knew you still drove a Bentley, whether you were in front of them or behind them, because it would still read “Bentley” in their rear-view mirror (like an ambulance)

Koenigsegg Ggesgineok

The threatening challenge of attempting to pronounce a double-G is the perfect match for the threatening performance of the brand’s cars.

Genesis Siseneg

Kia Aik

I’ve got an ache for the Kia Aik.

Alfa Romeo Afla Oemor

This is just me drunk telling a stranger at a bar in the finance district what car to buy.

Toyota Atoyot

It’s a Toyota. It’s a Atoyot. It’s a Toyota Atoyot.

Mazda Adzam

Like saying “Adam,” but with an added touch of malice.

Mercedes Sedecrem

The first car to make it across Middle Earth and back.

Jaguar Raugaj

Sounds badass, I’m in.

Ram Mar

Ram, more.

Ford Drof

Rory Carroll said the Ford Drof is a “little truck.”

Volvo Ovlov

I like how stereotypically-Russian a lot of the European brands sound backwards.

Tesla Alset!

We’re all-set for launch.

Volkswagen Negawsklov

Had the outcome of WWII been slightly different, maybe. Das Vedanya.

Mini Inim

“Inim? I barely know him!” – Erin Marquis.

Polestar Ratselop

Mmm I love my Polestar rat slop.

Dodge Egdod


Full disclosure: this is not an exhaustive list.