One of the Best Film Twitter Accounts Is Becoming Ava DuVernay’s Next TV Series

One of the Best Film Twitter Accounts Is Becoming Ava DuVernay’s Next TV Series
It's a pretty perfect shot, we agree. (Screenshot: Lucasfilm)

director Ava DuVernay.

HBO Max has just announced One Perfect Shot, a half-hour unscripted docuseries that will be produced by DuVernay and her production company, ARRAY Filmworks, and feature narration from the director herself. Neill Miller, curator of the Twitter account as well as editor-in-chief of film culture site Film School Rejects, will executive produce the series alongside DuVernay, Lee Metzger, and co-executive producer Bruce Robertson.

As much as weirdly delightful it would be to just have a documentary series that is “Ava DuVernay scrolls through the OPS twitter feed and oohs for 30 minutes,” One Perfect Shot will instead see DuVernay collaborate with a single director per episode, armed with “an arsenal of visual tools” — including immersive tech to play directors into 360-degree facsimilies of their work — to discuss iconic shots and scenes from their filmographies. On top of examining their own work from a behind-the-scenes and storytelling standpoint, the chosen filmmaker for each episode will also discuss a shot from another director that inspired their work in turn.

It’s a really cool way to take the idea behind things like the OPS Twitter account (or Vanity Fair’s similar YouTube series, Notes on a Scene) and turn it into an analytical discussion around not just what these brilliant moments evoke, but how they are made. Getting that kind of insight is always interesting to see, but we’re not used to seeing it presented in this sort of lavish, streaming-service style. One Perfect Shot is set to land on HBO Max at a currently undetermined date in the future.