Look At This Mess As A Truck Shoves A Jeep Into Some Motorcycle Cops

Look At This Mess As A Truck Shoves A Jeep Into Some Motorcycle Cops

I’m never going to get in the way of people enjoying their cars, however they choose to enjoy them, and there’s no denying that cruise nights are one of these ways. People are proud of their cars, other people like to look/listen/smell them, so there’s a symbiotic relationship of people driving slowly around and other people watching. Cruise nights are also great incubators for idiocy, though, and this video here is a really incredible example of just that.

This cruise night was in San Louis Obispo, California, and this incident involves a modded Toyota Tacoma, a Jeep Wrangler, a pair of cops on motorcycles, and what looks like someone briefly forgetting how driving works:

Oh, man. What a mess. So, it looks like the Tacoma driver was revving the engine, showing off for the adoring peoples, then, somehow, forgot where the brakes were, or maybe briefly confused the pedals long enough to slam into the back of the Jeep, shoving the Jeep into the motorcycle cops?

Luckily, no one was hurt, but that cop was pissed, understandably. You can see the rage drive him to the Jeep until he saw the Tacoma, and the swift mental processing that made him realise who was at fault, leading to yanking open the truck’s door.

I like how someone yelled “sounds like a Prius!” just before the truck lurches forward into the Jeep. It also doesn’t really leap forward all that quickly, which is strange — you’d think there would have been time to slam on those brakes.

There’s a few lessons to take away here: first, of course, is that if you’re going to go to one of these cruises, keep your ego in check and take your car out of gear if you’re going to do any crowd-pleasing revving.

Also, external-mounted spare tires do a great job of absorbing low-speed impacts, and cops you just knocked off their motorcycles are not going to be friendly, so don’t be disappointed.

(thanks, Steven!)