Jurnee Smollett Really Wants a Black Canary Show, and Yes Please, Absolutely

Jurnee Smollett Really Wants a Black Canary Show, and Yes Please, Absolutely
Let the Canary cry once more! (Image: Warner Bros.)

Given how it was one of the last artifacts of the Before Times earlier this year, it’s hard to say what Birds of Prey’s future as a cinematic franchise is just yet, beyond hoping for more. But hey, at least one of the titular birds has an excellent idea to while away our time waiting for potential future movies.

While speaking to Variety recently about her role as gung-ho monster-fighter Letitia Lewis in Lovecraft Country, Jurnee Smollett briefly discussed her time as the different-kind-of-monster-fighter Dinah Lance, aka the Black Canary, in DC’s cinematic universe. While Smollett couldn’t really talk about the movie’s potential for sequels, she’s more than game to play Dinah again — starring in her very own HBO Max show.

“It’s a dream, character and was a dream to play her. If [the] dynamics fell in the right way, I would absolutely do it in a heartbeat,” Smollett added, before noting that she’d love to re-partner with Lovecraft Country’s showrunner Misha Green for the endeavour.

An endeavour Green would apparently be very into, having trounced Smollett in games of Injustice 2, playing as Black Canary. “I just would just do the ‘canary scream’ to win all the time, which would frustrate [Jurnee],” Green joked. “So, it was like, ‘It’s kind of kismet and funny that you’re now Black Canary because I was using that character to beat you with this game.”

Given we’re about to get a Gotham PD show on Max set in the world of the upcoming Matt Reeves/Robert Pattinson Batman movie, it’s not like potential future Birds of Prey movies would be ruled out by Dinah getting to kick arse, sing killer tracks, and scream an awful damn lot on her own TV show while we wait. Given the way the movie set up the Birds to shine — with or without Harley’s antics — by the closing moments, there’s a lot of potential to explore Dinah, Helena, and Renee’s lives together and as individual heroes, whether it’s on the big screen or a small one. Just…sign us up for more whenever we can get it.