How to Solve The Batman Trailer Puzzle

How to Solve The Batman Trailer Puzzle

The Batman Trailer dropped over the weekend, resulting in a lot of opinions about the upcoming film and Sad Boi Batman. One of the more interesting aspects of the trailer was a puzzle left by The Riddler. This is how you solve it right now.

The Batman trailer puzzle solved

In the trailer the card left by The Riddler asks ‘What does a liar do when he’s dead?’

Game designer and puzzlecrafter, Mike Selinker, not only solved The Batman trailer puzzle, but explained how he did it via Twitter.

The Riddler’s puzzle comes in the form of a cryptogram, so it’s a matter of working out what symbols match letters of the alphabet.

Selinker first assigned numbers to each symbol and wrote them out in order, with a presumed word break due to the spacing on the card:

123425 56433

The first big clue is the double letter at the end of the second sequence. In cryptography this is a hot clue because there are comparatively less letters in the alphabet that allow for this. So it narrows down the options.

Selinker then begins to go through possible double letter combinations that could work. Importantly, the first sequence also includes a ‘3’ and a ‘5’ which helps work out which letters would most make sense in these places.

Selinker eventually comes to double L as being a likely culprit. If so, a vowel will need to come before them in the second sequence, which narrows the possibilities even further.

Selinker spends the next couple of tweets running through possibilities like “drill”, “swell” and “skill”. Remember, whatever the answer is needs to make sense in the first sequence thanks to the common ‘3’ and ‘5’.

In the end the most likely option seemed to be “still”. It also appears that Selinker was right from the beginning — the line break in the card does not mean there isn’t another word break in there somewhere.

“Finally, I considered xELIES SxILL. BELIES SKILL is okay, but it seems more likely that we break it in the first line as HE LIES,” said Selinker in the final tweet.

“And the best word to follow that is STILL. So we can conclude this is the very punny HE LIES STILL. And that’s how you solve a cryptogram!”

Voila, The Batman trailer puzzle is solved.

If you’re interested in cryptography and puzzle making, Selinker wrote an entire book about puzzlecrafting, which you can check out here.