How to Hack Optus’ Cheapest Phone Plan to Get an Even Better Deal

optus cheap phone plan

If you’re looking for a cheap phone plan but also want a decent amount of data, we have an Optus hack for you.

Cheap Optus plan

The cheapest phone plan from Optus is its $39/month plan that comes with 10GB data. This isn’t bad at all, but it’s possible to quadruple the data for $4 less per month.

Optus now has a new plan that is only $35/month that comes with a whopping 40GB data. The only thing is that its for Flybuy members only, but it does come with 10,000 bonus Flybuy points. You can check the plan out here.

In general, this is a great plan compared to what else is currently in market in terms of price and data inclusions.

Other Optus deals

Optus is actually offering three SIM only Flybuys plans, all of which come with bonuses:

  • $35 per month: 40GB + 10,000 bonus Flybuys points
  • $45 per month: 60GB + 15,000 bonus Flybuys points
  • $65 per month: 100GB + 30,000 bonus Flybuys points

If you’re after even more data the $45/month plan is still a good deal. It’s $4 less per month than the equiavlent regular Optus ‘Medium’ plan which is $49/month for 60GB.

However, we would not recommend the $65/month Flybuys plan unless you desperately want those bonus points. Optus’ regular ‘Large’ Optus plans are only $59/month for 100GB data.

These deals are only available until September 30, so you only have a few days to take advantage of it. Click here to check them out.

It’s worth noting that Flybuys do have a one year contract. Comparatively, regular Optus plans are contract-free. That being said, the Flybuys program is free to sign up for. Plus, contracts can, funnily enough, protect users.

While Optus has said it won’t raise its phone plans in 2020, there is nothing to stop that from happening sometime over the next twelve months thanks to its contractless plans. We saw this happen earlier this year when Telstra not only put up its prices, but also removed all of its old grandfathered plans.


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