Ford Should Consider A New Bronco-Based LTD

Ford Should Consider A New Bronco-Based LTD
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I know at the moment Ford is riding high on new-Bronco mania, as well they should. They seem to have done a wonderful job developing the Bronco in a way that feels both modern and true to its roots. Even so, with all the effort put into producing this unique platform and vehicle, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to hedge their bets a bit and find another, very different niche they could fill with essentially the same components. And I think I have an idea for that: a new LTD.

Here’s what I’m thinking: take the basic body-on-frame Bronco, make it RWD only, make the rear cargo area into a trunk, slap on some smaller wheels and a few laurel-wreathed badges with three cats on them, fancy up the interior, and, boom, you’ve got yourself a 21st-century Ford LTD.

The proportions would be a bit taller and, well, thiccer, but that fits with current tastes, anyway. The boxiness is very on-brand for the LTD, too:

Photo: Ford

I started this quick little exercise to see how the Bronco design vocabulary translated to something less off-roadery, and I think the forms are rooted in enough basic, clean geometry that it actually kinda works.

Illustration: Jason Torchinsky

I was also thinking cheap: retain as many body panels as possible, put the extra resources into making a really comfortable, top-notch interior. A modern, Bronco-based LTD could fill the role the old Chrysler 300 filled, and could be an interesting alternative to other full-size luxury RWD cars, none of which would have this sort of chunky, boxy charm.

Does it need more chrome? And opera lights?

Illustration: Jason Torchinsky

Because we can easily make that happen, too.

Maybe even bench seats inside, plush, leather couch-like bench seats that smell like bourbon and libraries. Wood inlays. Brass bits of things. You know, really go nuts with the optional and aftermarket stuff, just like the Bronco, only with a very different goal.

Think about it, Ford. For absolute minimal extra tooling and design, you could have an exciting, new entry in a completely different market segment. You know I’m on to something, here.

Oh, and as an aside — in poking around at LTD pics while writing this, I stumbled onto the majesty and wonder of Australian LTDs. Here, look a these things:

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

That’s a Landau Coupé one. Look at the sedan:

Photo: Trade Unique Cars, Fair Use

Wow. They’re so familiar, and yet so very different. Big, majestic, strangely handsome beasts! I’ll have to dig into these more for their own story.

But, back to the main subject: Ford, you should make a new RWD, body-on-frame LTD based on the new Bronco. It’ll be a hit. Just leave my check in the usual locker at the YMCA.