For Her Next Trick, Amy Adams May Be Turning Into a Dog

For Her Next Trick, Amy Adams May Be Turning Into a Dog
Amy Adams arriving at the 2019 Oscars. (Photo: ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images, Getty Images)

You’ve heard of the wolfman, but what about the dogwoman? No, that’s not catchy enough. How about… Nightbitch?

Nightbitch is the name of a new novel coming out by Rachel Yoder which Annapurna Pictures just won the rights to. The company will develop the project with Amy Adams attached the play the lead character, a woman who thinks she’s turning into a dog.

Deadline broke the news of the film, which will be written by Yoder based on her novel. Her website describes the book as “a darkly-comic novel about motherhood, rage, and the female self.” It follows a new mother who is forced to stay at home after the birth of her son and, as we’ve said, begins to suspect she’s turning into a dog. “The mother is forced to contend with the very real physical manifestations of her solitary anxiety, with only her two-year-old son for company” and ” as her symptoms intensify, she struggles to keep her alter-canine-identity secret,” the site reads.

But wait, the description gets better.

“Finally jolted to action after an impulsive and disastrous encounter with the family cat, she seeks a cure for her condition in an herbal multi-level marketing scheme, a group of mommies all inexplicably named Jen, and Wanda White, a mysterious academic specialising in “˜mythical ethnography,'” it says.

Sign. Us. The fuck. Up.

The Nightbitch book won’t be out until winter 2021 so one would assume the movie would come sometime after that. Meanwhile, we’ll be sitting here, on the floor, all paws tucked underneath us, patiently waiting at the door for it to arrive.