Bollinger’s Slick New Electric Van Has A Massive Greenhouse And Gets Five Battery Options

The Bollinger B2 pickup truck design is one of the most versatile and compatible work trucks designed for production, with cool features like a pass-through loading door that tunnels straight through the frunk of the vehicle. Now the startup wants to apply that versatility to delivery vans.

The new Bollinger Deliver-E is a goofy name for the startup EV automaker’s new van platform built with components — like the inverters, battery units, motors, etc. — as the B1 and B2 SUV and pickup. Unlike those vehicles, however, the van platform will be available with front-wheel drive.

Here’s more detail on the new project from the company’s press release:

The front-wheel drive, all-electric DELIVER-E platform will be engineered to fit Classes 2B, 3, 4, and 5.

The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) within each class is significantly lower than gas and diesel versions on the road today.

A wide selection of battery packs will be available, including 70, 105, 140, 175, and 210 kWh. Coupled with variable wheelbase lengths, the fleet customer will have a wide array of mileage range and price options to fit their specific needs.

Bollinger also promises the van platform allows for an 45cm low load floor height and a high-strength steel frame “designed to a 10-year durability target.” Looking at the images… can this thing make it up a hill in San Francisco without bottoming out back there?

The vans will be produced by a “manufacturing partner,” though Bollinger has yet to announced how it will manufacture any of its new fleet of electric vehicles just yet. I wonder what they tell any companies interested in buying a fleet of vans who want to know where they’ll come from?

Electric vans seem to be a booming new market opportunity for every automaker, with Mercedes-Benz developing multiple short-range EV Sprinter vans for Europe, and U.S. startup Rivian securing a major electric van deal with Amazon. The commercial market offers huge production costs reductions and major volume guarantees for an automaker looking to grow.

Image: Bollinger
Image: Bollinger

If you’re the type of person who is currently thinking, “I just want the cool chassis to play with,” well Bollinger has already offered up its truck and SUV platform for just that. You could even build your own van! Good luck.

Image: Bollinger