The Best Unlimited NBN Plans With No Contracts or Set Up Fees

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Contracts suck. The telco industry is built on long-term commitments, but locking yourself into one provider for 24 months always feels bad. A lot can change in that time. Best unlimited NBN plans can flip. Evening speeds could get worse. A better deal might pop up. 5G might become a viable alternative. Thankfully there are plenty of providers that offer contract-free plans so you can leave whenever you want.

These plans are often your best bet when it comes to shopping around for a new provider. If you can leave whenever you want, for whatever reason, there’s very little risk involved. This is a big plus, especially if you’re not familiar with the telco you want to sign-up with.

As such, we’re going to look at some of the cheapest contract-free unlimited NBN plans around.

Most providers will offer to sell you a modem, but some force you to buy a model they range when you’re signing up to a new plan. Others will make you pay out a modem fee if you leave early. To help, we’re only going to compare NBN plans where you can bring your own modem and where you won’t get slogged with setup or early exit fees.

Best unlimited NBN 50 plans with no contract

Tangerine is your best bet if you’re after one of the cheapest no-contract NBN 50 plans around, thanks to a promo offer. You’ll save $10 per month on your first six months, slashing your bill to $59.90 per month. You’ll pay $69.90 per month after the discount runs out, but that’s still pretty reasonable for an NBN 50 plan.

Since the plan is contract-free, you’re always able to change telco after the discount runs out. Tangerine also offers a 14-day risk-free period. If you’re not happy with Tangerine during your first fortnight, you’re able to leave and get a full refund of your plan fees. You won’t get a refund on a modem if you’ve bought one through Tangerine, but the telco’s modems are all unlocked, so they’ll work with any other provider.

If you’d prefer to avoid promotional pricing, SpinTel has an unlimited NBN 50 plan at $64.95 per month.

MyRepublic and MATE both offer contract-free NBN 50 plans for $69 per month. MyRepublic edges out MATE in typical evening speeds by 1Mbps, but MATE will discount your bill by $10 per month if you grab one of its SIM-only mobile plans. MATE mobile plans start at $20 per month with 5GB and are powered by the Telstra network. The $25 per month plan with 15GB is much better value, however.

If you’re looking for faster evening speeds, you may want to consider iiNet. iiNet reports typical evening speeds of 46.7Mbps on NBN 50 plans, making it the fastest major provider on this speed tier. iiNet’s NBN 50 plans are billed at $74.99 per month.

Best unlimited NBN 100 plans with no contract

If you’re looking to save money, Tangerine is once again your cheapest option for a contract-free NBN 100 plan. You’ll pay $74.90 per month for your first six months, and $89.90 per month thereafter.

Superloop has its own promotional discount right now, cutting $10 per month from NBN 100 plans. You’re looking at $79.95 per month for your first six months, and $89.95 per month thereafter. Considering Superloop reports the fastest NBN 100 speeds of any major provider, it’s still a solid deal at full price.

Not to be left out, Vodafone has a promotional discount too. You’ll pay $85 per month for your first six months, and $95 per month thereafter. If you’re already a Vodafone mobile customer, you can save further by bundling your services. Vodafone will cut 5% from your total bill for each postpaid service you have on your account after the first, up to a maximum of 20%.

It is however worth noting that Vodafone recently dropped its evening speed guidance for NBN 100 plans from 84Mbps to 80Mbps. This puts Vodafone on the lower side of the evening speed spectrum, so the main reason you’d consider getting a Vodafone NBN plan is if you’ve got other services to bundle with.

And if you want to avoid timed discounts, MATE is worth considering at $79 per month for an unlimited NBN 100 plan. You can save another $10 per month by bundling in one of its Telstra-powered SIM-only mobile plans.

As part of recent plan changes, Aussie Broadband introduced a new NBN 75 plan at $89 per month as a sort of compromise for increasing the price of its NBN 100 plans by $10 per month. This could be a good fit if you really want to go with Aussie Broadband but don’t want to fork out $99 per month for a proper NBN 100 plan. Of course, you can get NBN 100 plans from other providers for less than Aussie is charging for NBN 75.

Best unlimited NBN 250 plans with no contract

NBN 250 plans are starting to become more widely available, which is great for those who’ve lucked out with FTTP or HFC NBN.

MyRepublic has the cheapest NBN 250 plan around, billed at $109 per month with typical evening speeds of 150Mbps.

Kogan is one of the latest providers to start offering NBN 250 plans, reporting typical evening speeds of 200Mbps. You’ll pay $116.90 per month for your first six months, and $128.90 per month thereafter.

Superloop also has a promo on its NBN 250 plan, and is now offering a rather atypical year-long discount. You’ll pay $119 per month for your first year, and $129 per month thereafter. Superloop reports typical evening speeds of 215Mbps on its NBN 250 plans.

At this stage, 70% of HFC premises can support NBN 250 plans. NBN Co intends to upgrade the HFC portion of the network to ensure all customers can get an NBN 250 plan by June next year.

Best NBN 1000 plans with no contract

Anyone with an FTTP NBN connection – and 7% of HFC NBN connections – can go even faster and nab an NBN 1000 plan.

Kogan is your cheapest option thanks to a discount, where you’ll pay $134.90 per month for your first six months, after which you’ll pay $148.90 per month.

Superloop is a little more expensive, but your discount will last for longer. You’ll pay $139 per month for your first year with Supes, and $149 per month thereafter. It is however worth noting Superloop’s NBN 1000 plan isn’t unlimited. You get a 3TB allowance, and if you exceed that, you’ll be capped at a surprisingly reasonable 100Mbps.

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