Android Auto Just Got a Lot Easier

Android Auto Just Got a Lot Easier

Here’s some good news for Android Auto users, the settings menu just got a whole lot easier to use.

Back in 2019 Android Auto got a major redesign. it was the first significant overhaul of the platform in the five years since it launched, and it was a welcome one.

It’s also seen a few changes this year, including the introduction of speed limits and wireless connectivity.

Now a new focus has been place on the advanced settings menu. As 9To5Google points out, the most recent update made a few Android Auto settings available within a user’s car. However, the majority of its advanced features are only accessible via the phone app, and they can be a little tricky to find.

Hopefully that won’t be the case anymore. A brand new settings menu for Android Auto is being rolled out, with a focus on ease of use and customisation. To be clear, there’s nothing new here, but it’s designed to be a lot easier to find and mess with.

android auto
Image: 9To5Google

The new settings menu heroes the new in-car Android Auto UI. It is followed by a string of different sections and options. These include general settings, system settings and notifications.

Each setting allows you to customise certain in-car features. For example, you can choose to automatically resume media, show message notifications, weather display and ‘Hey Google’ detection.

You can also further customise the in-car AI by easily selecting what apps you want displayed. For example —  podcasts, Spotify, Telegram and Calendar.

A Reddit user, who first spotted the changes, also revealed a new one touch ‘connect a car’ button, as well as new visuals for connecting a car via USB.

android auto
Image: shmykelsa on Reddit.

The roll out of the new settings menu has been happening this week. You should be able to access it now if you’re on Google Play Services 20.30.19 and Android Auto 5.5.602944.