This Is What A 895kW Lambo Does When It Blows A Tyre On The Track At 209KPH In Case You Were Curious

This Is What A 895kW Lambo Does When It Blows A Tyre On The Track At 209KPH In Case You Were Curious
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I know most of you feel that while the normal, naturally aspirated Lamborghini Huracan is a pleasant enough car for daily driving use, its 477kW V10 is a bit anemic, especially when it comes to merging onto those freeways. The Norwegian company Zyrus agrees, which is why they’ve built this 895kW turbocharged version. There’s some video of it running the Nordschleife, which is where we can see that doubling your horsepower does not help much when you blow a tyre.

Photo: Zyrus

Zyrus is only building 24 copies of their LP1200, and if you haven’t gotten yours yet, maybe you can get a deal on the one in this video since it appears to have a bit of body damage.

Here, watch — it should be synched to the timestamp where the shit goes down, but feel free to watch the whole thing if you want:

Oof. Luckily, no one appears to have been hurt, and the damage seems to be comparatively mild. It looks like the tyre blew around 209 kph, though the tyres certainly handled more than that earlier in the run.

I’m told the tyre that blew was one of those doughnut spares, which may explain why this happened? I’m kidding! Kidding!

Really, this isn’t surprising — driving fast and having a tyre blow will very likely cause you to spin out — but for various lurid reasons I’d rather not explore this moment, these videos are still compelling to watch.

(via BoingBoing!)