Vodafone Just Announced Unlimited Gigabit NBN

Vodafone Just Announced Unlimited Gigabit NBN
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Vodafone just became the latest ISP to join the Gigabit NBN party.

New high speed plans

In May NBN Co launched three new speed tiers, including NBN 250/25 and NBN 1000/50. Only a handful of ISPs have started rolling them out due to connection requirements, but we expect to see more in the near future.

Vodafone is now offering unlimited NBN 250 and Gigabit NBN plans to residential customers. NBN 250 plans will cost $135 per month, making it the most expensive option in market right now.

Aussie Broadband and Superloop charge a slightly less $129 per month and MyRepublic just released its 250/25 plan this week for just $109 per month. All these plans have unlimited data.

Vodafone’s Gigabit NBN plan will cost you $155 per month. This is more expensive than Aussie Broadband and Superloop, which come in at $149 per month. Launtel is currently the cheapest in market at $139 per month.

Vodadone’s prices can be slightly reduced if you bundle in other Vodafone services, such as a mobile phone plan. Vodafone offers a five per cent discount on two eligible bundled services and up to 20 per cent for five services.

No online option

At the present time there is no option to buy these plans online. If you want to grab a 1000/50 or 250/25 NBN plan from Vodafone will need to go into a store or call the telco.

“Customers can get the updated CIS documents online with all the details about the plans but they won’t appear online for a while. We are taking a different approach with these new plans,” a Vodafone spokesperson said in an email to Gizmodo Australia.

Not everyone can get Gigabit NBN

Importantly, not many Aussies with NBN access can get a Gigabit NBN plan. In fact, not everyone can even get NBN 250.

Both speed tiers require either a Fibre or HFC connection. According to a statement by NBN Co earlier this year, this represents a comparatively small percentage of NBN-connected households.

NBN Co confirmed NBN 250/25 is only accessible by approximately 32 per cent of premises that can connect to NBN. As for NBN 1000/50, only 18 per cent of households will be able to connect to it.


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Image: NBN Co