These Unsolved Mysteries Reddit Threads are Investigating Each Episode

These Unsolved Mysteries Reddit Threads are Investigating Each Episode
Image: Netflix

Netflix is full of true crime documentaries but perhaps one of the most exciting in recent years is the reboot of the classic anthology, Unsolved Mysteries. With each episode not coming to a neat conclusion, the endings leave many of us wanting more. That’s where Reddit comes in.

The Netflix reboot of Unsolved Mysteries, released on July 1, comes with six new mysteries each delivered in under one hour. With each episode covering the basic timeline of each case, there’s only so much evidence the show can fit into it.

Thankfully, on r/UnsolvedMysteries, there’s no shortage of amateur internet sleuths to fill you in. There you’ll find all sorts of theories, rumours and omissions the show couldn’t, or wouldn’t, include.

This isn’t the first time Reddit has jumped on unsolved murders. Redditors have been jumping on cold cases for years.

Episode 1: Mystery on the Rooftop

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Image: Netflix

The opening episode features the strangeness of Rey Rivera’s death. The circumstances of Rivera’s disappearance are a mystery until his body is found in an unused room, next door to a large hotel with a body-sized hole in its ceiling.

It’s suspected he had entered through the metal ceiling from the roof of the hotel next door but the evidence doesn’t exactly line up. There are strange inconsistencies with his phone and wallet remaining undamaged, the distance he would have had to jump in order to make the hole and a strange coded letter he left behind just days prior to his death. The episode addresses some of these questions but by its conclusion, it remains, surprise, unsolved.

Read all sorts of bizarre conspiracies and attempts to decode Rivera’s letter in this thread.

Episode 2: 13 Minutes

Image: Netflix

This episode focuses on the disappearance of a hairdresser, Patrice Endres, whose remains are found nearly two years later. The abduction is suspected to have happened in a 13-minute window between two customer calls and as she was heating up her lunch.

Her disappearance left behind her 15-year-old son, who is interviewed and suspects his step-father, Rob, was involved. Rob denies the allegations but makes some strange, off-hand comments in interviews leading to many wild internet theories.

Delve into suspicions of Rob’s character and theories on how an abduction in broad daylight happened in this thread.

Episode 3: House of Terror

Image: Netflix

We go to Nantes, France for these unsolved murders. A family vanquishes and strange notes are sent to family and friends, explaining they had to relocate to the United States in order to work undercover for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). French police eventually uncover the bodies of the family under the porch, along with the family’s two dogs, but the father is missing.

A manhunt for the father is undertaken and while it’s suspected he died by suicide, his body is never recovered.

Theories regarding his whereabouts and motives as well as whether the family’s undercover story held any truth can be found in the insane discussions being held in this thread.

Episode 4: No Ride Home

Image: Netflix

This episode takes us to rural Kansas where a group of young men from Kansas City go to a house party in the country. The group of men are all white apart from their friend, Alonzo, a Black man, who has some minor altercations with the house party’s white attendees. The group of friends all eventually leave the party but do not take Alonzo with them. By morning, he has disappeared.

Law enforcement eventually give up the search after a month, allowing his family to continue efforts. His body is found within 30 minutes by family, less than 100 metres from the house where the party was held.

Jump into the rabbit hole of theories surrounding corrupt officials and small town white supremacy in this thread.

Episode 5: Berkshire’s UFO

Image: Netflix

By the fifth episode, the show takes an unusual turn, ditching the true crime mysteries for something a little more cosmic. This episode looks at the experiences of those living in Massachusetts on September 1, 1969, who claim to have seen a UFO.

Read all you need to know about the shining light and why few records of it seem to exist today here.

Episode 6: Missing Witness

Image: Netflix

The final episode for the reboot returns to true crime territory, exploring the suspicious disappearance of an ex-husband and his step-daughter a few years later.

It’s suspected Sandy, the missing man’s ex-wife, had something to do with his disappearance and that her daughter, Lena, helped to cover it up as a child. Lena later allegedly confesses her involvement, implicating her mother, and then disappears under strange circumstance.

It’s a messy family web and you can read about Gary’s other brothers and daughters, who were omitted from the final Netflix episode.