There’s a $8,400 Alarm Clock In Case Your Phone Is Busted

Back when we could travel — if you used to travel — you’ll remember that the best way to wake up was to whisper across the hotel pillow at your phone, asking plaintively for Siri to wake you up at 5:00 am so you could take a cold taxi to an impersonal airport. Now, thanks to the magic of pretentious time-keeping, you can do the same thing using gears and cogs and pay a mere $US5,900 ($8,279) for the pleasure.

Available on watch blog Hodinkee’s store, the pocket-sized travel clock is shaped like a Leica camera and encased in, according to the crew over there, “goat leather dyed our signature shade of Hodinkee grey.” The clock face uses a new font by Jonathan Hoefler called Decimal which is inspired – again, according to the ‘Dink – by old-timey watch typefaces.

You wind the clock with a little silver key and there are knobs on the back for setting the time, winding this eight-day beast up, and turning the little third hand to set the alarm.

Finally, these clocks contain new-old-stock movements which means they fished some old movements out of a box somewhere, oiled them, and stuck them into new cases.

The watch lover in my appreciates the audacity of this offering: selling an old-fashioned alarm clock to the Instagram generation is a bold move. The realist in me says you should probably just spend $30 on eBay and call it a day. And the masochist in me looks at the product page and notes that 96 people have already spent six grand on something that their phones do for free.