The Ninja Turtles Go On Tour (to Your Shelf) In the Most Radical Toys of the Week

The Ninja Turtles Go On Tour (to Your Shelf) In the Most Radical Toys of the Week
Image: Hasbro, NECA, and Bandai

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s regular round up of the latest and greatest in collectible plastic threatening to do a number on your savings. This week, Bandai gives us a totally unnecessary Iron Man and a totally necessary Scarlet Witch, the silliest Hasbro egg cups you’ll ever see, and the ultimate Power Rangers attire for your next Zoom meeting. Check it out!

Photo: Hasbro, OtherPhoto: Hasbro, Other

Hasbro Power Rangers Lightning Collection Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Helmet

The Lightning Collection line, aside from being a bunch of very good action figures, has already given us a wearable MMPR White Ranger helmet. But… c’mon. C’mon. You want Jason’s, right? Tommy’s cool and all but the latest replica helmet in the line is the ultimate tribute to Jason Scott and Rocky DeSantos. Complete with a stand to put it on when you’re not running around the house in it doing kung-fu moves (remember how Power Rangers always told you to not try that at home? You’re an adult now, do what you want!), Hasbro’s 1:1 scaled replica opens up so you can wear it, with the inside hiding adjustable straps so you can get a perfectly secure fit before heading into battle against Rita’s putty patrollers. It’ll cost you  about$115, and is set to release in August. [Hasbro]

Photo: NECA, OtherPhoto: NECA, Other

NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles SDCC 2020 Exclusive Musical Mutagen Tour Figures

Following an incredibly successful live-action movie released in early 1990, someone decided the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles should go on tour… as musicians… wearing very ‘80s rock attire and brandishing instruments instead of cool ninja weapons. The tour was received about as well as you assume it was, but instead of ensuring those bad memories eventually fade away, NECA is releasing a four pack of TMNT figures based on their rock alter egos for SDCC 2020. Each one includes real fabric costumes, swappable hands, mask accessories, and instruments, and since SDCC isn’t actually happening this year the four-pack will be available in for about $180 on the NECA online store.

Photo: Factory Entertainment, OtherPhoto: Factory Entertainment, Other

Factory Entertainment Jaws Bruce The Shark Plush SDCC 2020 Exclusive

A man-eating shark is a lot less terrifying when it’s just 30 cm long, made of stuffed fabric, and John Williams’ haunting Jaws soundtrack isn’t playing in the background. But don’t pretend that ominous “duunnn dunnn…” isn’t now stuck in your head. Factory Entertainment has started to reveal what would have been its San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, starting with this adorable recreation of Bruce the shark from Jaws. It doesn’t eat people, but it does come with three barrels you can attach using velcro patches. You can pre-order it now here for $36, with shipping expected closer to the end of August.

Image: BandaiImage: Bandai

S.H. Figuarts Avengers: Endgame Iron Man Mk. 85 and Scarlet Witch

Bandai’s quest to mine that final Endgame battle for all it’s worth continues with the seven billionth Iron Man in its 6″-scaled line, which is kinda boring, and a new Scarlet Witch based on the moment she hands Thanos’ arse to him with chaos magic, which is great, because who doesn’t love some hexing?

The “I am Iron Man” special edition of the previously released Mk. 85 figure comes with battle damaged detailing, swappable hands to replicate the suit’s nanotech blasters, as well as an unmasked head depicting a bloodied Tony Stark. To recreate Tony’s final act of sacrifice in the film, it even comes with a special stand and a swappable arm to depict the nano-gauntlet, ready to snap. Meanwhile, Wanda is much more spartanly accessorised — she just comes with some swappable hand pieces, including bits of her red-tinged cantrips to show her ready to bring the magical pain, and an alternate face plate that gives her eyes a red, chaotic glow. Iron Man and Scarlet Witch will both cost around $115 when they release in Japan this December. [Toyark]

Photo: New Wave Toys, OtherPhoto: New Wave Toys, Other

New Wave Toys Dragon’s Lair x RepliCade Sixth-Scale Arcade Cabinet

New Wave Toys continues to prove that you don’t need to sacrifice an entire room of your house to build a private arcade. The latest addition to its RepliCade line of 12-inch miniaturized arcade cabinets is the iconic and notoriously frustrating Dragon’s Lair. Featuring digitised animations by Don Bluth, the game’s graphics were decades ahead of its time, but required players to have impeccable reflexes to play and advance through the story. New Wave Toy’s version is a perfect recreation, running the original Laserdisc version of the game on the Daphne emulator, and multiple screens featuring the gameplay as well as high scores and credits. After a successful Kickstarter campaign the Dragon’s Lair arcade is expected to be available soon for $173, but don’t worry about scrounging up a stash of quarters to play.

Photo: Firebox, OtherPhoto: Firebox, Other

Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head Egg Cups

Toy Story 3 taught us that Mr. Potato Man can still be his loveable cantankerous self even if he’s no longer a potato. So there’s no reason to feel sacrilicious the next time you enjoy boiled eggs dressed up like Mr. and Mrs. Potato head. This $20 kit helps make breakfast not only the most important meal of the day, but potentially also the most entertaining. The only thing missing is a clever cracking mechanism to make it easier to get inside a hard boiled egg and dunk your toast soldiers, or green army men figures — who are we to judge how you start your day?