The iPhone 12 Battery Might Actually be Smaller Than The 11’s

The iPhone 12 Battery Might Actually be Smaller Than The 11’s
Image: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

This post originally appeared on Gizmodo UK, which is gobbling up the news in a different timezone.

The latest rumour about the upcoming iPhone 12 has Apple fans worried: allegedly, the battery on some models will actually be smaller than on its predecessor, the iPhone 11.

report from MySmartPrice based on multiple certification documents claims that the base iPhone 12 will have a battery capacity of 2,227 mAh, compared with 3,110 on the base iPhone 11.

The iPhone 12 Pro, meanwhile, is rumoured to offer 2,775 mAh, compared with 3,190 last year, and the 12 Pro Max allegedly has 3,687 mAh compared with the 11 Pro Max’s 3,500.

The iPhone 12 Max will apparently also pack 2,775 mAh, like the base model.

It’s still really early days for the iPhone 12, so don’t take these figures as gospel. Also, we’ve seen phone manufacturers reduce the battery capacity in later phones before, and usually it’s because of something like efficiency improvements in the software that mean the overall stamina is still better than on the model before.

Like megapixel counts on cameras, it’s not all about the pure numbers, but the actual performance in day-to-day use. Benchmark figures will be much more useful when they surface.

Supposedly, the iPhone 12 will also not include a charger or a set of wired earbuds, but Apple fans being Apple fans, somehow all these downgrades will somehow be spun as INNOVATION and totes unique, even though Samsung and other brands are ditching the chargers too.

New iPhones usually turn up in September, but with corona and the general world chaos at the moment, even Apple’s tight ship is wobbling a bit. Nonetheless, we’ll know all about the iPhone 12 from the horse’s mouth sometime in this hell year, and smaller batteries do seem pretty on-brand for 2020. [Ubergizmo]