The Bob’s Burgers Quarantine Short Gets Straight to the Point

The Bob’s Burgers Quarantine Short Gets Straight to the Point
The Belchers in quarantine. Takeout only. (Screenshot: YouTube/Fox)

Quarantine? It’s boring. Next question.

Animation is one of the only mass media products that’s able to operate with some level of normalcy right now, seeing as how it doesn’t technically require anyone to be in the same room together. This means that some of our best documents about what it feels like to live in this moment, during a terrible pandemic, are animated. Case in point: a new miniature that captures the mood pretty much precisely.

It’s boring. We’re bored. The Belchers, indeed, are very bored. And not even the pleasant sort of bored, either, but a stressful uneasy bored underwritten by horror. And while Bob’s Burgers doesn’t capture that aspect of the pandemic, it does as good job of dramatising what it must be like to have kids stuck at home right now. In proper Bob’s Burgers fashion, there’s even a song.

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I also very much appreciate their dedication to mask safety. They’re important!