The ARB Intensity Solis Is A New Large, Dimmable, LED Off-Road Light

The ARB Intensity Solis Is A New Large, Dimmable, LED Off-Road Light
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Off-road outfitter ARB has just announced that its new piece of lighting kit will be a 9-inch circleish-shaped driving light with 36 OSRAM LEDs with five brightness settings you can control from your cab. They look cool.

I don’t have any experience with ARB’s lights myself. But my dude Larry over at Dirty Parts 4×4 in Culver City once told me the ARB Intensity light, a predecessor to this new Intensity Solis light, was “basically the best on the market” when it was new so the new one’s going to be worth looking at.

(Re-reading that paragraph I’m realising it might come off as a joke, but actually Larry really knows his shit and you don’t have to look far to find additional positive endorsements of ARB’s lights.)

Photo: ARB

If you can interpret specifications, ARB is claiming brightness of: “1 lux @ 1,462m (2 x spotlights) to NATA industry standards.” The light has an aluminium housing with some red trim you can add if you’re so inclined. ARB’s website has even more info and a full spec list.

The Solis lights will be available with spot (long-range) and flood (wide-spread) beam patterns and be able to integrate with ARB’s LINX accessory interface.

ARB says that these lights will retail for $US349 ($488) each and be available by the end of August.

Here’s a little infomercial with a rundown of the light from company reps:

For those of you who are saying: “Hey Andrew, didn’t you just do a post about why LEDs are not good?” I did, but that was referring to putting LEDs where halogen bulbs are supposed to go. LED lights that are mounted in housings designed for LEDs can be awesome.

Just, please, please, turn these off on the road and highway if you mount them to your rig.

Photo: ARB