The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Will Be More Powerful Than Originally Advertised

The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Will Be More Powerful Than Originally Advertised

Ford has opened the order books for the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E all-electric crossover. If you were waiting for another handout before pulling the trigger, the Mach-E now makes up to 14 more horsepower than originally promised.

When the Mach-E was officially announced late last year, nobody was really questioning its power figures. But, Ford claims, development and testing between the announcement and today’s opening of the order books meant the engineers were able to squeeze a little more juice out of the powertrain.

The standard-range Mach-E gets 11 more horsepower for both the rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive model, and both versions get a boost of 5 kg-ft of torque. The extended-range model gets an 8 HP and 5 kg-ft boost. The biggest changes come to the extended-range all-wheel drive, which is now up 14 HP and, again, 5 kg-ft of torque from previous estimates. Final numbers for the top-trim GT performance model have yet to be announced, and it’s the only trim that is still reservation-only until later this year.

Here are the new official power figures for the Mach-E, according to Ford:

  • Extended-range all-wheel-drive Mach-E will deliver 346 horsepower/258 kilowatts and 194 kg.-ft. of torque, up from previous estimates of 332 horsepower/240 kilowatts and 189 kg.-ft., right out of the gate – with a targeted 0-60-mph time in the mid-5-second range*
  • Extended-range rear-wheel-drive models will produce 290 horsepower/216 kilowatts and 144 kg.-ft., up from 282 horsepower/210 kilowatts and 139 kg.-ft.*
  • Standard-range all-wheel-drive models will pump out 266 horsepower/198 kilowatts and 194 kg.-ft., up from 255 horsepower/190 kilowatts and 189 kg.-ft.*
  • Standard-range rear-wheel-drive models will deliver 266 horsepower/198 kilowatts and 144 kg.-ft., up from 255 horsepower/190 kilowatts and 139 kg.-ft.*

There are no updates on range estimates. The extended-range, rear-wheel drive Mach-E, which is expected to be the most frugal, has reportedly targeted a 483 km range, while the standard-range model is expected to be around 370 km, though the EPA has yet to release any official estimates.

You can play with the Mach-E configurator online now, as well.

Some may think people have been hard on the Mach-E, but when you put a lot of pressure on automakers to make good cars, you get things like a performance boost before you ever even take delivery, like this. I’m not saying Ford felt pressure to give the car more power, but nobody here is stupid. It’s going to help sell the car, and I’m happier for it.