Zuck Slip Slop Slaps and Sends the Internet Into Meltdown

Zuck Slip Slop Slaps and Sends the Internet Into Meltdown
Image: Getty Images

We’re nearly eight months into 2020 and at this point, it feels like little could shock anyone. A potential resurgence of the Bubonic plague? Nope. Country-wide locust swarms? Certainly not. A photo of Mark Zuckerberg on an electric surfboard with his face comically covered in way too much sunscreen? Now, wait a minute.

The photo in question emerged from a New York Post article, which showed Mark Zuckerberg, the Zuck, riding an alleged $US12,000 ($18,000) electric surfboard while vacationing in Hawaii.

That part sounds relatively normal for the world’s fourth-richest man. The series of images, however, revealed the Zuck’s propensity for heaping sunscreen onto his face so he resembled somewhat of a superhero villain.

Some would, of course, say he is a real-life villain too. Being the head of the world’s largest social media conglomerate — Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp — Zuckerberg has been the target of intense criticism over the company’s inconsistent stance on stopping fake political advertising as well as a host of other alleged wrongdoings.

Zuckerberg’s awkward public appearances have also earned him a special sort of reputation on the ‘net. Like his suspicious attempts at drinking water during a U.S. Senate hearing, there’s always a moment to roast.

The whole year has been particularly tragic and we’re all taking whatever little glimpses of hilarity we can. So, naturally, Twitter found its perfect target — Sunscreen Zuck.

Some just found his strange stance in the pictures enough to incite fear.

Others were impressed at his physique.

While some were reminded of other iconic pictures the Zuck seemed to resemble.

A reminder for everyone out there — sunscreen is a good thing to apply to your face and we should all be doing it. Just maybe read the directions to make sure you’re not overdoing it like our frenemy Zuck here.