Stargirl Will Return for Season 2, But Only on the CW

Stargirl Will Return for Season 2, But Only on the CW
The cosmic staff has a new home, sort of. (Screenshot: The CW)

The relationship between DC Universe and the various arms of the Warner Bros. corporation continues to get , and so on. But now, there are even more signs pointing to DC Universe having an uncertain future.

Warner Bros. has just announced that Stargirl, which launched on DC Universe and shortly thereafter premiered on the CW alongside Warner Bros. TV’s other myriad multiverse of DC Comics shows, will return for a second season. But this second season will not actually air on DC Universe in-season: it’s exclusively coming to the CW first, and the new season was actually ordered by the network rather than DC Universe.

TV Line reports that Stargirl will air on the CW as it currently does, but will only stream on the CW’s platforms afterward, rather than heading to DC Universe, citing sources alleging that there are “no plans” for Stargirl to stream on the latter platform.

It’s an odd fall from grace for DC Universe considering that Stargirl was announced as an original for the platform in its earliest days, alongside Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, Titans, and Harley Quinn. Now, HBO Max is co-streaming and co-producing Doom Patrol’s second season with DC Universe, Harley Quinn is rumoured to be coming to the service after streaming exclusively on Universe, and Swamp Thing, cancelled before its first season even concluded on Universe, is finding a perplexing second life on the CW (even if it’s yet to be uncancelled as part of that revival, that is). With Titans’ third season yet to enter production, it’s only a matter of time until we find out just what its relationship with Warners’ tangled mix of streaming platforms will be going forward.

But odds are — perhaps in an attempt to make a ridiculously confusing situation slightly less confusing — not looking entirely that great for DC Universe as its own, separate platform if it keeps losing original content like this.