Spotify Is Testing a New Podcasting Tool to Share Quotes in Other Apps

Spotify Is Testing a New Podcasting Tool to Share Quotes in Other Apps
Image: Spotify

Spotify is demoing a new tool that will allow some users to share quotes from episodes of podcasts from its platform to messaging and social apps.

At present, the feature is limited to only some users and a single podcast original, The Michelle Obama Podcast. Obviously the application for this tool on this particular product makes a ton of sense, given that it’s one of Spotify’s tentpole productions. But a spokesperson for the company told Gizmodo by email that “as with all of Spotify’s tests, some end up paving the way for a broader user experience and others serve only as an important learning.”

Image: Spotify Image: Spotify

Spotify has leaned heavily into its foray into podcasts and rolling out features and announcements at a pretty swift clip. Last week, the company announced it’s introducing hot tool right now in the streaming service world as well, as many of us are distanced from friends and family.

I did not appear to be one of the lucky ones with access to the quote card-sharing tool on Spotify. But if you are, you’ll find it by hitting play on an episode from the podcast’s show page, at which point a carousel of pre-selected quote cards will appear. They’ll be still images of the quote itself sans audio, but the cards will include a link back to the episode. Essentially it’s marketing-as-meme, and Spotify would be smart to roll it out wide for other of its originals.

A spokesperson said they can be shared on social and messaging apps that include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.