Sony’s Still Not Sure a Silver and Black Movie Can Work Without Spider-Man

Sony’s Still Not Sure a Silver and Black Movie Can Work Without Spider-Man
Silver Sable from the Spider-Man PlayStation 4 video game. (Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

For a while, Sony’s been struggling to make a Silver and Black movie — that is, a movie starring the dynamic duo of Black Cat and Silver Sable, both supporting Spider-Man characters. According to Gina Prince-Bythewood, who was at one point attached to that film, the company is still struggling.

Talking to Games Radar, Prince-Blythewood, who’s promoting her new film The Old Guard, shared some information about why the film was delayed back in 2018 and what its current status might be. It’s not terribly promising.

“My honest answer is I don’t know,” Prince-Blythewood said. “I really love those characters, I loved having them together. I thought, what we came up with was a really good, really organic way to have the two together. That world is changing so much because of the success of the Spider-Man films.” 

But that success is also the problem. Can you make a movie like this work without Spider-Man?

“There’s a question of, ‘Can you really have these films with Spider-Man not in them? Should he at least have some sort of part in them?’ That’s always the question. I’ve taken two years off of that for [The Old Guard] so once this gets out into the world, I hope it’s a success, and then I’ll certainly go back and start talking with them again,” Prince-Blythewood said.  

Now that Prince-Blythewood is available again, those talks have a chance of leading somewhere. But her comments paint a picture of an internal Spider-Man division at Sony that still isn’t sure how to expand on the wallcrawler’s meteoric popularity in a world where Spidey himself is shared property, split between Sony’s custody and Disney’s. The company struck gold with Venom, but that sort of B-movie glory isn’t something one can easily repeat. And Black Cat and Silver Sable, while compelling, aren’t exactly big names.

Not that big names are necessary for Sony to move forward with a Spider-Man spinoff. The next big attempt looks to be Morbius, an adaptation of the vampire villain of the same name, and we’ll see when it’s released if Sony really has a solid Spider-Man strategy or not.